Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Back pain is a common pain that everyone gets once in a while. Back pain can be debilitating and hard to cure and once you have it you want to get relief fast. Often times back pain is just because of bad posture but back pain can also be a very serious problem. Back pain can be a sign of a more serious problem like gal bladder disease. Pain below the right shoulder blade can be gall bladder problems.

If you are having back pain there are some things you can do to help relieve the back pain. Always keep good posture when you sit, stand or lay down. Sit in a firm chair with a good back support when you are having back pain. You should also keep your knees about an inch above your hips when you sit down. If your chair does not allow your knees to be above your hips you can get a food stool and use it.

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When you stay in one position for a long time it can aggravate your back pain. Move around every once in a while. If you sit in one place too long your muscles will tense up. If you move around you muscle will stay more relaxed and back pain will be less.

Standing in one position too long can aggravate your back pain. If you must stand in one position for a long time you can help relieve the back pain by alternating feet. Stand on one foot for awhile and then change to the other foot for awhile. You an also stand with your toes slightly pigeon toed for awhile. Change your standing positions and make life interesting or at lease relieve some back pain.

If you have back pain you should get a memory foam mattress topper. A memory foam mattress topper with hold your spin better. A soft mattress will cause your spine to curve in an undesirable manner. The straighter you spine is while you sleep the better chance you have at waking up with less back pain.

Stretches can help relive back pain. You can stand up and stretch your spine by bending forward then slowly bend to the left, then to the back and then to the right. Move your body slowly and feel the muscles stretch as you move.

If your back pain is severe or you can’t get any relief for it then you should see a doctor. Back pain is usually not serious but back pain can be a very serious sign of something else.

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