Tips on Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

The design of your bedroom can affect your ability to get a good night’s rest. Your bedroom should be set up to give you a soothing, comfortable, and relaxing space. It should be a place you enjoy hanging out in especially when you need to relax and sleep.

If you use your bedroom for a general living space you may find it difficult to sleep in. Having a computer area, gym equipment, and even clutter can take away from the true purpose of a bedroom. Start off by removing everything that does not belong in a bedroom. Keep your bedroom clutter free. Too many knick knacks and photos are also distracting. Cleaning your room of any dust or other allergens can also help you achieve a relaxing environment. Keeping it clean and uncluttered will help you relax in your bedroom. Using an armoire is a decorative piece of furniture that can help hide items like the television or stereo. Make your bedroom cool, dark, quiet, and comfortable for a good sleep area.

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Tips on Creating a Relaxing Bedroom


Next you should think about color. Do you like a dark cozy retreat or a light cheery space? Picking color combinations for walls and fabrics is crucial. Rich deep colors in pillows, comforters, sheets, and blankets help a room feel cozy. Choosing a color that means comfort to you is very important. The psychology of color can greatly influence the design and feel of the room. Blue gives the effect of a calming feel or a cool feel. Other relaxing color recommendations are green, mauve, purple, beige or browns, and pale whites. One idea is to do a color combo on your walls. Paint one wall a dark shade and the other adjoining walls a lighter shade. Make sure and use an eggshell or satin sheen. This will be soft and subtle in a bedroom. Gloss and semi-gloss tend to reflect too much light in the room.

Another thing to keep in mind is to allow your bedroom to transition from the day to the night. For example, it’s great to let light in your windows in the day, but they need to be able to block any light at night. Keeping a bedroom dark at night is proven to help people sleep better. You can use curtains or draperies that have black out material on the opposite side. This way you can tie them back during the day to let the light in and put them down at night to block any existing light.

One very important tip is to make sure your bed is comfortable. There are many options for mattresses, but be sure to find one that’s right for you. However, not everyone can afford to go out and buy a new mattress. Instead, try other products like memory foam mattress toppers. Comforters and pillows with down are cozy and can be found at Dream pillows are popular. A dream pillow is a pillow filled with a small sachet. The sachet can be filled with aromatic herbs. When its squeezed it emits the fragrances of the herbs.

Lighting can also effect the mood of the room. Replace your lighting for more natural light. Dimming switches can also help. Table lamps with a warm soft glow are a great option to place near a cozy chair for reading. You can find some great lighting options at

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Tips on Creating a Relaxing Bedroom


Other ideas to add to your bedroom are scented candles, plants, and paintings. Find items that are soothing to your senses. Water fountains can serve as a relaxation piece. Playing low volume relaxing music or buying a sound machine with options like rain, ocean, wind or summer night sounds. These items may help block unwanted traffic noise. Having a ceiling fan can also help you sleep by keeping you cool and some find the sound comforting. A native tradition is a dream catcher. These are based on the belief that dreams are filled with meaning and purpose. Therefore, it protects you from harm while you rest. It’s suppose to catch good dreams that pass by while getting rid of any bad dreams. Keep these ideas in mind when designing your space for relaxation, but choose items that fit your personal preference.

Tips on Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

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