Sweet Dreams in the Perfect Bed

Your bed may look pretty yet it can be one of the reasons you are not sleep good at night. I was totally shocked to find out that my pillow was one of the causes for my inability to sleep through the night.

After learning about my pillow I decided I needed to learn all I could on making the sleep perfect bed.

Starting with the mattress, there are many types out there that you need to consider when you are purchasing a new mattress. Remember even though you may have a 10 or 15 year warrant on your mattress, your mattress catches all the dead body cells, sweat and dirty it is a good idea to get a new mattress every 6 to 8 years.

What Mattresses Are Out There?

what mattress

The market for bed mattresses is huge. The best way to begin looking into mattresses is to break them down into categories such as type, size or design. Here are just a few examples:

  • Mattress types: Foam, Bedding, Memory, Air, and Water
  • Mattress size: King, Double, Queen, and Single
  • Mattress Design: Futon, Spring, Comfort, Firm, and Soft

There really is a large selection, first thing to do before you go out buying a mattress is to pick a type, size and design. This way you will get just what you are looking for.

There are specialty mattresses that you can buy if you are looking to relieve back or joint pain there is a few options just to recommend a few brands:

Now that we have the mattress covered, let protect it! Mattress covers guard against moisture, dust, and stains, and help to extend the life of your mattress. (if you have small children I would recommend a water proof mattress cover).

Next you will want to add a Topper, available in natural and synthetic down fibers; the mattress topper can lull you into a deep sleep and provide therapeutic support.

Sheets make the bed yet there are many choices to pick from. You are going to want to pick sheets that are soft to the touch.

Thread Count:

This refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric: (from 80 to 1,000+). A common misconception is the higher the count, the finer the sheet. Yet a high thread count alone does not ensure quality. You also need to consider the fiber.


Poly-cotton blends repel wrinkles and are durable, less expensive, and more stain-resistant than cotton. 100% cotton will offer more comfort, wicking moisture from your skin. 100% long-staple cotton, or long-fiber cotton, is even more comfortable and durable than regular cotton and won’t pill and lint over time. Look for the words “Egyptian long-staple.


Comfort is also determined by the weave of the sheet. More cotton is woven on the surface of Sateen fabric for a luxurious feel. Jacquard refers to fabric woven on a special loom, allowing for subtle patterns. Jersey is knitted instead of woven, allowing air to circulate. The best part about jersey is that, like your favorite t-shirt, it becomes softer with every wash.

The Comforter:

Add a decorative comforter. A luxurious feather down or quality synthetic comforter is extremely soft and comfortable and can be covered with a variety of duvets for easy, economical ways to update your room’s style.

sweet dream on perfect bed

The last touches to your bed will be the pillows:

  • Natural down pillows are often considered the most luxurious – air trapped between the feathers or down gives the pillow bounce and helps it to mould to the shape of your head. The higher the quality of down, the softer the pillow will feel.
  • Synthetic pillows are good for allergy sufferers. The highest quality synthetics can give a down like feel, however choose pure cotton casings for maximum comfort and ventilation. Silk is another option for a non-down pillow which should still feel soft and bouncy – choosing a silk pillow with a 50% polyester content will prevent the pillow becoming too flat.
  • Memory foam pillows are made from visco-elastic foam, which take advantage of innovative new technology using high density, temperature and pressure sensitive material that reacts to body heat and weight and moulds to the exact contours of your body. It is hypoallergenic, can help to relieve neck pain and tension and may be ideal for people who change position a lot while sleeping.
  • Latex pillows come in a range of tensions and its gentle resilience enables the head to be comfortably supported in all sleeping positions. Latex is naturally derived from mature rubber trees. Latex pillows, like memory foam, are hypo-allergenic and have an aerated interior to keep the pillow ventilated.

Below is a guide to pillow fillings and their tension:


  • Duck Feather & Latex


  • Duck Feather & Down
  • Memory Foam / Latex
  • Cotton
  • Synthetic/Polyester


  • Down Surround with Feather core
  • Feather & Down
  • Memory Foam / Latex


  • Down
  • High Quality Synthetic/Polyester


  • Goose Down
  • Silk/Polyester

Ultra Soft/Luxurious:

  • Hungarian Goose Down

Sweety dreams in your new bed!

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