Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty, Queen Review

The Sleep Innovations 12 inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress is an awesome memory foam mattress which claims to support your body fully during your night sleep. Particularly, it will support your neck, spine, hips and legs, make them all in the correct positions during your sleep. Therefore, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated, no aches or stiffness when you awake in the morning. So if you are looking for a mattress that provides you with full body support, it is worth considering my honest Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty, Queen Review today, where you can find the most wonderful mattress ever.


This magic mattress is composed of two layers: a 2.5-inch top layer of breathable and a 9.5-inch bottom layer of responsive support foam. They work together and offer full body support with no heat build-up, then you can experience a comfortable, relaxed and deep sleep.

Proven Results

This potent mattress is a very famous branch which has launched hundreds of high-quality items which are preferred by majority of users. In addition, most of its users agree that it is the most value mattress they have ever own. It brings about them great comfort during their sleep which they have never enjoy in any other products.

Advanced Technology

Usual memory foam can remain heat which can cause sleep disturbances during the night. This amazing mattress is made of exclusive SureTemp open cell memory foam. The special, proven formulation and manufacturing process introduce improved airflow for a cooler night’s sleep.

Features And Specifications

  • 2 ½” Top Comfort Layer is breathable, which brings about quality airflow
  • 9 ½” Bottom Support Layer is premium memory foam
  • Advanced pressure point relief with brilliant support
  • SureTemp Memory Foam can adjust to any kinds of shape
  • Allergen resistance and dust mites • Suitable spinal alignment
  • Medium-soft to medium-firm feel
  • Various sizes, from Twin to California King
  • Measures: 12-inches x 80-inches x 60-inches
  • Free Shipping at
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty

Sleep-Innovations-12-Inch-SureTemp-Memory-Foam-Mattress-20-Year-Warranty (1)


This reputed mattress promises to give you a ranges of pros, and here is some of them:

  • It decreases tossing and turning throughout the night
  • It releases pressure points, which is the reason of mid-sleep awakenings
  • It provides you with a proper spinal alignment
  • It is a dust mite and allergen resistant memory foam
  • It doesn’t require any mattress flipping


It is necessary to note that there are very few cons or negative reviews around this Sleep Innovations 12 inch SureTemp Foam Mattress. These cons are touch on weight and smell.

  • Weight: Some of the customers feel that the mattress is too heavy with the weight of 93.4 lbs. In some case you cannot unpack or move the mattress quickly by yourself.
  • Funny smell: Some customers have also shared that the mattress still remains a ”rubbery” smell when you unpack the mattress for the first time.

Customer Reviews And Score

When conducting my extensive research for customers’ review around this reputed mattress, I find that it is supported by a number of uses. Many of them describe their experience with it as the best sleep they ever had. It is the reason why it gains the rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.

The memory foam mattress reviews make it clear that the mattress can appear hard at first, especially at the first time when it is out of the box. However, once they sleep on it, it is actually  the best memory foam mattress that they have purchased because they don’t feel hot at night any more, it offers them “support in all the right places,” they “find the price affordable ,” they are not interrupted by the movement of others because it was “firm, yet plush” and “very comfortable.”

On the other hand, there are still some reviewers who don’t totally support this mattress. Some of them complain about the initial smell of the mattress, and one consumer is not happy that the odor dissipated after a few weeks.

But we all know that nothing is perfect. So this small complains cannot be serious issues. And this mattress is still among the best mattress ever.

Final Verdicts

In short, Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress 20-Year Warranty, Queen is really a must-have mattress. It provides you with full support during your sleep, so you can enjoy your nigh rest comfortably and completely. In spite of some small issues, they don’t have many effects on the quality of the product. It is still rated as one of the most high-quality mattress ever. So are you looking for a great mattress? Why don’t you take action right now and bring this wonderful item to your house?

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

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