Six Disadvantages of Loft Beds

While loft beds can help an individual make the most of a small space, there are several drawbacks to having a loft bed that a person should consider before making any decisions. In this article, I intend to describe six disadvantages of loft beds when compared to conventional beds.

1Loft Bed Disadvantage #1 – Loft Beds Dominate Bedrooms

Although much can be done with the space created by a loft bed, loft beds can dominate bedrooms by being one of the tallest things present. Having a loft bed is essentially having a tall platform that is bed-sized in length and depth. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your bedroom and bedroom furniture, a loft bed may not be for you. And if a twin-sized loft bed can dominate a room, consider what a double- or queen-sized loft bed would do. Loft beds can also reduce the amount of light that gets into a room or the amount of light that ceiling lights provide.

2Loft Bed Disadvantage #2 – Loft Beds Are Inconvenient

One of the most annoying things about loft beds is that you have to climb into and out of bed. When I am tired or sick, I don’t feel like having to drag my body weight into bed. Getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or get a drink is similarly distasteful. If the loft bed is high enough, you might have to be careful about not hitting your head on the ceiling. Dropped items such as books or pillows are a pain to pick up. These are things to consider if you are contemplating building a loft bed.

3Loft Bed Disadvantage #3 – Maintaining a Loft Bed is Inconvenient

Making a loft bed is not easy, as they are often pushed up against walls. Likewise, there’s not a good place to stand, so you’ll likely be kneeling on the same mattress that you’re lifting up. If you like to clean your mattress often, it will be difficult to hand down from atop the loft bed and similarly difficult to hand back up.

4Loft Bed Disadvantage #4 – Loft Beds Aren’t Good for Couples

I can’t imagine sharing a loft bed with another person. Perhaps if the loft bed were a double, I’d consider it. However, twin-sized loft beds dominate a bedroom the least, and I would never have a loft bed bigger than that. There is always the possibility of falling off of a loft bed, and the fact that a loft bed is so close to the ceiling might make certain activities difficult or impossible.

5Loft Bed Disadvantage #5 – Loft Beds Aren’t Necessarily Comfortable

Because the mattress of a loft bed will likely be supported by a large slab of wood, loft beds aren’t necessarily as comfortable as mattresses supported by box springs. This is worth considering, though I never had problems with my loft bed.

6Loft Bed Disadvantage #6 – Loft Beds Are Difficult to Move

Loft beds really can’t be moved through a doorway easily. If you build one and want to move it, you’ll probably have to disassemble it and reassemble it in its new location. Take this into consideration if you’re thinking about building a loft bed.

Loft Beds

While loft beds do have certain disadvantages when compared to conventional beds, they are still worth considering if you want to maximize the space that you have. Do a cost-benefit analysis and see what is more important to you. Can you think of any other disadvantages of having a loft bed? Feel free to share your thoughts in the form of a comment. Thank you for reading!

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