Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed Review

Being the lover of bed and comfort that I am, there are few topics I’d rather discuss than bed, sleep and comfort.

I’m not a bed hopper in the bad sense of the term. However, I have had the opportunity to rest in three Sleep Number Beds.

I do not own one, but I wish I did. Adjusting the comfort level in a sleep number bed is, of course, its number one benefit. You can believe the commercials. You can set the sleep number as hard or as soft as you like. Different models simply have a different thicknesses of padding, or mattress, between you and the adjustable mattress.

My best friend has a california king-size. Sometimes I crawl onto her husband’s side of the bed to take a nap, work on my laptop, or watch a movie. I do not like hard beds. Obviously, this man does. He usually keeps the sleep number set to 90 or 95. In my opinion, it is like lying on concrete with a sheet and blanket.

On the other hand, his wife, my friend sets her sleep number on 35. There’s a sleep number you can sink in to.

I’ve played with Sleep Number Bed on his side of the bed (which doesn’t always make him a happy camper come bedtime). The settings increase or decrease in increments of five. I’ve tried it as low as 20, and had to have the kids come and dig me out of the covers. I hurt all over when I awoke from that nap. I’ve found a good sleep number for me is in the 30-40 range. That is a medium softness.

My grandmother owned a King size Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed 3000. Because of chronic back and leg pain, she felt most comfortable with a setting of around 80. She loved it, especially because she was able to adjust it according to how her body felt that day. Some days she could relax a little more and select a lower sleep number. Other days, she needed firmness to help stabilize her body and give her a sturdy foundation from which to arise.

My grandmother moved, just this week. She moved into assisted living and left her king-size Select Comfort bed with my aunt and uncle. My aunt is not a small woman, and has already decided that a firm number is best for her. Her husband is ultra-thin. He can set his sleep number on 20 and not make a dent in the mattress.

I’m telling you their personal business to say this. Regardless of your need to adjust your mattress firmness, regardless of the needs of bedmates Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed allows each of you to achieve the level of comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. This beats arguing over whether you’ll buy a hard mattress, soft mattress, pillow top or a couple of cots. It makes peaceful coexistence for a good night’s sleep possible

Now, about my grandmother, she not only moved into assisted living, she moved in with a brand new Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. She has become so accustomed to the ability to adjust the mattress she insisted on buying a brand new one, another Select Comfort 3000. That says a mouthful about the quality and comfort of the Select Comfort Sleep Number.

If you are looking for comfort and compatibility with your sleeping partner, there is no better bed than the Select Comfort Sleep Number. There are a couple of caveats, and it wouldn’t be fair to send you out to buy a Select Comfort without making a couple of things clear.

It is probably obvious that Sleep Number beds come with two separate mattresses, thus allowing the individual settings. The mattresses are housed in a plastic chamber which zips up into one King Sized mattress. The problem is, if you like to spoon, or sleep side by side, the Select Comfort Sleep Number makes it difficult.

For example, my friend’s husband sleeps on a 90. His mattress is a little higher than hers. It’s not a huge difference, but when he wants to lie beside her, he must be on an uncomfortable, yet slight, incline. (I’m not going to ask how they work this out. I’m just telling you that the difference in sleep numbers may make it difficult to snuggle.)

As for my grandmother, I slept in her bed one night. She was on a 100 setting. I was at about 40. It made no difference to us and we both had a great night’s sleep.

The only other complaint that the owners of the Select Comfort Sleep number beds have is the mechanical noise they make when inflating or deflating to your desired sleep number. The noise is temporary, to be expected, and should not, in my opinion, be a deterrence from purchasing a sleep number bed. (It’s not that it sounds like a planes taking off, just a low bzzzzrrrr.)

Based on these experiences (If I had any others I wouldn’t tell you.) I recommend a Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. I’ve even hinted to my husband that it would make a great gift. Then, when we had a disagreement, he wouldn’t have to be in the doghouse. I could set his mattress on 100 and mine on 15.

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