Protect Your Mattress from Bedbugs

It’s not your imagination bedbug cases are on the rise. There seems to be a story about bedbugs each week on the news. Recent news reports have said there are bedbugs in high end retail stores and executive offices of some of America’s government buildings.

It’s a myth that bedbugs are only found in beds of dirty homes. The truth is a bedbug can be in a very clean home, office or store. Bedbugs travel on or with people to their next location. If you’ve been in an area that has a bedbug infestation, it’s possible to take a bedbug home with you.

Bedbugs typically hide in a box spring, mattress, bed frame, headboard, baseboard areas, couches and chairs, nightstands, dressers, walls and ceilings. There are other places they can and will hang out, such as the carpet.

There is an article “Do It Yourself Bedbug Remedies”, if you’d like to check it out.

Replacing a mattress or box spring can be expensive. There is bedbug protection for people who have dealt with a bedbug infestation or those who want to guard against bedbugs. American companies manufacture and sell mattress and box spring bedbug covers. The bedbug covers for your mattress and box spring is soft to the touch allowing you to keep the comfort of the bed you enjoy. The bedbug cover for your mattress and box spring vary in price according to where you live, however, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

begbug mattress

A bedbug mattress and box spring bedbug covers will protect you and stop the spread of bedbugs. If you currently have a bedbug infestation, a bedbug mattress and box spring cover will trap the bedbugs. By trapping the bedbugs they can not escape or spread any further. A bedbug mattress and box spring cover is bite proof, meaning a trapped bedbug or bedbugs can not bite through it or bite you. This will make a trapped bedbug eventually starve to death.

If you do not currently have a bedbug infestation but use a bedbug mattress and box spring cover, this will prevent any bedbugs from nesting or laying eggs in your bed.

There are other benefits to bedbug mattress and box spring covers. Bedbug covers are waterproof, which protects against liquids and fluids. Most bedbug covers are fire retardant. bedbug covers protect against dust mites that build up in mattresses over time. Bedbug covers are a great “go green” product because, if you have a bedbug infestation, less chemical and product will be needed to treat your bed.

It’s important to get the proper fit for your bed bug mattress and box spring cover. You want the cover to fit your bed and work properly. Take the measurements and mattress thickness with you to a retail bedbug cover suppler or have that information handy, when you’re ordering online.

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