Create an Easily Removable Dust Ruffle for Your Bed

In a truly coordinated bedroom, you often find bedspread and curtains that match. If your style leans toward the feminine look, you might like to include a dust ruffle around your bed. Normal dust ruffles, however, are cumbersome things that require removal of the mattress whenever you wish to remove or replace it. With these easy instructions, you can create a removable dust ruffle for your bed.

Materials Needed for the Removable Dust Ruffle

  1. Enough fabric to reach 1 ½ times around your bed
  1. The same length of Velcro or separate tabs
  1. Sewing machine or fabric glue
  1. Trims and lace ruffles to suit your tastes


Sewing the Dust Ruffle for Your Bed

The removable dust ruffle for your bed will consist of a long length of fabric that reaches around your bed. The actual length that you need depends on your mattress side and how gathered you want the dust ruffle to be.

Begin by cutting the correct length of fabric. This long strip should be long enough to reach from the top of your mattress box spring to the floor. Be sure to leave a few extra inches for hemming. After the fabric is cut out, use your sewing machine or good quality, washable fabric glue to hem the bottom. Turn the fabric up neatly and then fold it over again before stitching or gluing. This will create a neat hem. Do the same with the top of the dust ruffle fabric strip.

The next step is to sew or glue the long strip of Velcro to the top of the dust ruffle. You can also use Velcro tabs spaced at small intervals around the dust ruffle. Another possible method is to stitch a long running stitch in the top of the dust ruffle and create the gathers before attaching the Velcro.

Attaching the Removable Dust Ruffle

In order to attach the removable dust ruffle to your bed, the last thing you have to do is affix a Velcro strip or Velcro tabs around the top of your mattress box spring. You can do this by hand stitching, gluing, or even using pins or a staple gun.

Then, simply attach one side of the Velcro on the dust ruffle to the other side of the Velcro on your box machine. This dust ruffle is just as attractive as the traditional variety, without the added hassle of moving the mattress whenever you want to take it off and wash it.

Creating an easily removable dust ruffle will make your bedroom decorating much easier. While still fulfilling the reasons for having a dust ruffle on your bed: function and decoration, it is a much simpler application. There will be no more need for mattress removal when you decide to clean the dust ruffle.

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