To buy a memory foam mattress topper? think it over!

Anyone reading this article perhaps have read the recent post Memory Foam Mattress Topper: Will it be a dumb choice? and get confused over our points of view. Yet, no conflicts are available here or there. Our thumbs-up towards those modern mattress toppers remains unchanged and by “Think it over!”, this article aims to provide a basic buying tips on how to choose the best memory foam mattress topper as a great fit for your demand. By simply following these guidelines, you can easily perfect your sleep every night and say “Goodbye” to any bedtime troubles on your back, hips or shoulders.

Density first!

Why is density, but not size, the chief concern? Since this factor nearly wholly affects one’s comfort right when he/she lies down on the topper, supports his/her back, muscles and other joints to help cure their pains as well as spread the right warmth you need at its best. It should be well-noted that a memory foam mattress topper is capable of flexibly reacting to your temperature, which results in it being molded to the body shape and reducing unwanted pressure against muscles and joints when the foam gets warmer and, accordingly, softer.

Memory foam mattress topper

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A mattress topper’s density is commonly varied from 3 lbs to 6 lbs per cubic foot; in particular, the higher its density is, the better it satisfies your sleep. Yet it does not mean a 3-pound topper should be completely overlooked. One advantage of these toppers lies in its light weight, which is time-saving in readjusting to the original shape. Furthermore, they add adequate softness to boost up your comfort, so if joint support is not your chief concern when buying a memory foam mattress topper, this serves you well! As for 4-pound or 5-pound toppers, they provide a firmer support at a medium weight along with greater softness. Your body does not need to adapt itself to its shape since its takes quite longer for the contours created to fade away. Those 6-pound mattress toppers will prove to be the best choice if you are financially capable since they are well equipped with all above-mentioned features at its best.

Then comes thickness!

03 options are available in terms of a mattress topper’s thickness, including: 02 inches, 03 inches and 04 inches. Considered as the “thin” type, 02-inch memory foam mattress toppers provide enough satisfaction for those who already possess a firm mattress and are simply in need of the cooling and supportive care right beneath their bodies.

People are inclined to opt for anything “in between” or “medium” to be on the safe side, and it is no wonder that 3 inch mattress toppers gain the most popularity amongst all. These are what you need to get ideal pain-relief on your back, hip and shoulder, plus excellent comfort, especially if you put them on a high quality mattress. What’s more, leaving your body contours on such toppers will be easier and you do not need to adapt yourself to the topper whenever you lie down.

4-inch mattress toppers (and above), apparently, are the most high-priced type; yet you got what you pay for. The best part is that even though placing a 4-inch topper on an average mattress, you still get “bedtime pleasure” as you expect. Besides, they can handle with overweight sleepers and help them avoid joint pains that may result from their weight problems.

Let’s judge a book by its cover!

Please don’t take these words wrong! In addition to thick, size and density factors, brands should be taken into consideration. This does not 100% guarantee you the best topper ever, but everything happens for a reason and why a brand is better known and trusted than the others follows the same logic. One can list 03 – 07 brands that offer products as per his/her requirement which is different from people to people. Below are 05 brand names that have proven their quality on the industry up to now:

  1. Lucid
  2. Nature’s Sleep
  3. Sleep Master
  4. Serta
  5. Sleep Joy

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These perhaps present our personal views; yet if you may find it still unreliable, simply click on and umpteen choices of several brands are there for you.

In a final word, this short-but-sharp buying guide hopefully boosts your decision-making process and gets you the best memory foam mattress topper. It’s not as tough as you think: All you need to do is to well identify your condition and requirement and then follow our guidelines as above. Anything you wish to add or share, please don’t hesitate to comment below. You are all welcomed!

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