Best Bed Linens for Sweet Dreams

Whether you are signing up for a bridal registry or picking out a new set of bed linens for yourself, it helps to know what you will find in the linens department of the store before you shop.

Making a bed isn’t complicated, but choosing for all the available colors and fabrics can seem confusing. Sheets come in a variety of sizes, colors and fabrics. It is a good idea to have two sets of sheets for every bed. That way you should have a clean set of sheets ready to put on the bed as you take the other set off the bed to put into the wash. You may find


Bed Linens

Bed LinensClean, crisp sheets are one of the bonuses of making your bed. Sheets just feel so much better on the first night after changing the bed.

When choosing new bed linens, you can get a feel for what different types of fabrics are like by rubbing the sheets on displays cases with your fingers. Walking through the department and touching the linens is a great way to educate yourself on the difference in comfort that higher quality fabrics with higher thread counts means.

Sheets run the gamut in price from being economical to expensive. High quality Egyptian cotton sheets can cost several hundred dollars. Get the best quality you can afford. Unfortunately, for most of us, we cannot afford the highest quality that we would all like to have. Even if you are signing up for a bridal registry, and hoping that other people will do the buying, keep in mind that friends and family members have budgets too. If you sign up for sheets that are too expensive, there is a good chance that people won’t buy them for you.


bed linensBed linens include a number of different items, including a bed skirt or dust ruffle, mattress topper or bed pad, featherbed, fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, comforter, duvet cover to protect the comforter, pillows, pillow protectors, pillow cases, pillow shams and decorative pillows. .

Before you pick your sheets, measure your mattress. Sheets come in different sizes, including twin, full, queen, king and California king. Sheets also come in different depths. A standard mattress is 7 to 10 inches deep. A extra deep mattress is 10 to 15 inches deep. Twin mattresses are 66×68. Full mattresses are 78″x88″. Queen mattresses are 88″x92″. King mattresses are 104″x92″. California King mattresses are 104″x92″.

Thread count is the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. Higher thread counts make a smoother, more durable sheet. A thread count of 200 or higher is a good guideline to look for. Fabric quality is important for comfort and durability.

Fabrics that bed linens are often made of include:

  • Organic: Organic fabric is claimed to grown without pesticides, which is good for the environment and for you.
  • Bamboo: Luxurious, soft fabric which is grown without pesticides.
  • Modal. Fabric made from Beechwood trees. Modal is soft, smooth and rich in color.
  • Poly/cotton blend: Wrinkle resistant fabric makes a tidy bed.
  • Egyptian: The softest, highest quality cotton on the market. The fibers are long and strong.
  • Pima: One of the best grades of cotton in the world. Pima is grown in the southwest by Pima Indians..

Fabrics come in different weaves.

  • Percale: Closely woven fabric with a smooth feel and crisp finish.
  • Sateen: Soft, silky sheet with beautiful sheen.
  • Jacquard: Elegant, intricate woven pattern.

Touch and feel the different types of fabrics to see what your preferences are. Color is also a personal preference. Some people prefer pure white for sleeping because it is restful and goes with everything.

Whichever kinds of bed linens you pick, they will last for years with good care. Sheets should be washed weekly. Look at the labels for care instructions for washing blankets and comforters. Most blankets and comforters can be machine washed, although they may be too big to fit into your washing machine. Most Laundromats have heavy duty, commercial washers and driers that can handle washing your larger bedding.

Enjoy your new, color coordinated bed linens.

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