A basic cleaning guide for memory foam mattress toppers

Immersing yourself in the “bedtime” joy to the fullest does not simply demand an excellent mattress alongside its mattress topper or pad. Not cleaning your mattress topper on a weekly or fortnightly basis can easily turns your sweet dreams into nightmares of bedbugs, bacteria, allergens and so on, even though countless ads attempt to persuade you that memory foam does not harbor bacteria or molds, this does not encourage you to stay with it 24/24 without giving it a break.

What’s more, your regular care partly decides on each topper’s longevity as well as how well it boosts up your sleep quality. As for memory foam, cleaning should be even tougher, since they are consisted of umpteen open cells that “welcome” water and keep it there, say, as long as possible once you wash any mattress or topper made of this material. Hence, cleaning here does not indicate washing, and the following tips will make your memory foam mattress topper look spotless and freshened again.

Cleaning memory foam mattress topper

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For an efficient cleaning of your topper, you need to prepare vacuum cleaner, moderate detergent, spray bottle, boric acid and brush attachment. And don’t forget a piece of cloth to blot the stains.

First thing first, your bathroom should be large enough for the topper to properly place and clean. It is highly recommended that you keep the bathroom door and window open so that it will be fully ventilated and better speed up the topper’s drying time. In most cases, you should place the topper upright, which enables you to handle the cleaning more efficiently, yet if it needs lying on the floor, place a tarp beneath to prevent it from getting wet or damp.


To begin with, use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and debris on the topper. This is considered as the kick-off phase to clean the whole mattress topper. A portable or handheld vacuum machine will enable you to handle this task with less difficulties possible. After finishing this step, you should use the wet cloth you prepare to gently and briefly wipe it (a brush attachment is another option!) since your vacuum machine may unexpectedly leave dust on the topper.


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In this step, you need to identify noticeable blemishes or stains, such as urine or pet marks and deal with them. Mix a small amount of liquid detergent with 1.2 – 1.5 liters of water in the spray bottle, shake it well and spray all over the memory foam mattress topper. Do not spill the mixture to avoid leakage of water into open cells in the memory foam. Use the wet cloth to strongly rub on the specific stains until they are gone. Yet in most cases, this layer of liquid detergent simply serves as a softener for the next chemicals applied to work out; that’s why do not put all your efforts doing this, and this can partly harm the topper’s shape and features.

Apply boric acid on the topper and use the cloth to rub the stain. If you have pets that love to play around your memory foam mattress topper and leave their blemishes there, you can resort to enzymatic pet stain remover. Apply it on the topper and wait for 15 – 20 minutes before you use the wet cloth or a damp sponge to clean the whole. The last step, you let the natural air to dry the topper or you can let the vacuum help you. The former is more highly recommended, even though it may takes 1 – 2 days.


Cleaning does not only help the owner to get rid of dirts and stains, but also eliminate the odor from a memory foam mattress topper. Deodorants may be a good choice, yet they cannot linger onto the topper, say, forever to help you enjoy it to the best. To deal with this, sprinkle some baking soda all over the topper, leave it there for 8 hours or overnight and use the vacuum cleaner to finalize the process. Or you can easily search for several odor eliminators available on the market and get one home, such as: Ozium, Febreze, Odoban, Barker & Pooch, Freshcare, etc.

pet stain + odor

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This article hopefully and simply guides you to clean a memory foam mattress topper the right way. There are a lot more ways, and these tips are only a few of them and derived from our practical experience. If you have experienced any better methods, don’t hesitate to share with us, since we love to share and be shared.

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