7 Ways to Reuse Old Mattresses

When dropping off trash at the dumpster, I get aggravated by the sight of dozens of old mattresses rotting on the ground. It is explicable that many people may not want to pay a fee to have their old mattresses taken away; however some mattress stores take old mattresses for free. If you do not have these free services you can still put old mattresses to good use anyway. Depending on their condition, there are many ways to recycle or reuse old mattresses.


Donate a gently used mattress to be reused at a homeless shelter

Many homeless people are turned away without help from shelters because of lack of beds to accommodate them. If your old mattress is still in good condition you should consider donating it to the shelter. Make sure that the mattress you are donating is bed-bug free because bedbugs can quickly spread to other peoples bedding.


Reuse old mattresses to make comfy bean bags to sit on

Other materials you need are fabric of favorable color, a thread and a needle. First, sew the fabric into an open bag of desired size, depending on the quantity of foam you plan to reuse. You can also use a sewing machine to make the bean bag. Then, rip the cover off the mattress so that the foam is exposed and cut it into four huge pieces. Stack the four pieces of foam together and stuff them into the bean bag, then saw the top on. Bean bags can bring a warming look to a bedroom or a kids playing room.

Reuse old mattresses to make beautiful cushions for hardwood chairs

Sitting on plain hardwood chairs can be very uncomfortable because they exert excessive pressure on the behind and the back. Choose fabric that complements the design in a room and use it to sew a case for your chair cushions. Cut the mattress depending on the chair design, and then place it in the cushion case you made and sew to secure it in the case. You can always leave the mattress cushions on your hardwood chairs or remove them after use, in case you think it interferes with your room design.

Reuse old mattresses to make pillows.

Cut the old mattress into a preferable size, stuff it into a sizeable pillowcase or beanbag and sew to secure it in the bag.

Reuse old mattresses to make dishwashing sponges

Probably in a life time people buy thousands of dishwashing sponges; this is very expensive and not eco-friendly. Cut the old mattress into 3 by3 square inch pieces and wash them and store for future use.

Reuse old mattresses to make stuffed animals for kids

First, sew fabric into shape of desired animal, cut mattress into small cubes and stuff into sewn fabric to plump it up. Recycling old mattresses to make stuffed animals is an easy way to produce cheap stuffed animals for kids on a large scale. It can also be a fun activity when you have children involved in stuffing the animals.

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